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ArjanPlomp, as someone who just purchased a 2008 M6 2 weeks ago, I can honestly tell you your concerns were my exact concerns....did I want to purchase an M6 that might have mechanical issues, costly to keep? Hell, the board scared me some as well, but I tell you I'm glad I did my homework here as I felt much better knowing what "might" come.....I say might...and unlikely to happen...but be prepared to risk. I was fortunate that mine still had the original factory warranty and was a CPO

That said, I hope you will feel the same as me when I say this .........the fear of regretting that I didn't pull the trigger, and rolling the dice on the M6, was far much greater than what issues I might run into to keep this beast running. I love this car and it's the reward I get for busting my *** day in and day out to bring home the bacon. I know now without a doubt I would have been miserable if I had held back, wavering on to do it or not....then having the car purchased by someone else.

Like a famous board member here has correctly said....when I turn my car on, she returns the favor each and every time.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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