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My 2001 (along with other M5s and Z8s) is held up at Halifax for a DME replacement. The dealer notice said that the cause is an incorrectly manufactured DME and it requires replacement and reprogramming of the DME.

Does anyone have more information on what the DME is and whether I should be concerned or not?

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What's a DME?

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Originally posted by 1C00lVC:
What's a DME?
Never Mind.. I have found this...

A Automatic transmission
A (Parts) Part superceeded by following item and no.
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
AC Air conditioning
ASC Automatic Stability Control
AT (Parts) Factory rebuilt/part exchange
BMW Bayerischen Motor Werke (Bavarian Motor Works)
C Coupé
CS Coupé Sport
CSi Coupé Sport Injection
CSL Coupé Sport Lightweight
D-Jetronic Manifold pressure-sensitive fuel injection control
DME Digital Motor Electronic (current version fuel inj system)
E (Parts) No longer available
e See "eta"
eta High fuel efficiency engine
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Fa (Parts) Chassis number
h (Parts) Back/rear of vehicle
HD Heavy duty
i Fuel injected
K-Jetronic Continuous mechanical fuel injection system
L Long wheelbase
L-Jetronic Intermittant electronic fuel injection system with airflow measuring
M Motorsport
MBD BMW parts supply system
NML (Parts) No longer available
O (Parts) Left hand drive
OO (Parts) Right hand drive
S Special or Sports
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SA Special Model/Version
Touring Hatchback/Estate
Ti Touring International (twin carburetor)
Tii Touring International, injected
TSZi Transistorised coil ignition
TUV German automotive testing/certification authority
v (Parts) Front of vehicle
X Four-wheel drive
ZF Automatic transmission supplier
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