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M5 vs E55 on MÄNNER TV (DSF), tomorrow

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Tomorrow, 22:15 M5 vs. E55 on MännerTV, DSF, ill record it and upload it immediately

BTW: I've recorded the full CLS/M5 test on Motorvision, too. But: High quality, only 16mb... if you want to i can upload it
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Yes please....upload them both!
The M5 - CLS55 compare is already on the m5board server, folder m5e60.
high quality, (tv capture - original) 150mb

or watch this:
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as i said, my version is 16mb, the official dsf version is cut
of course, M5 WON, but the tester liked the e55 too... on the track, theres only one champion: M5

working on upload...
Max did you uploaded it yet? I really wanna see it!
Try this one: ftp://bmw:[email protected]/M5E60/m5e60-mbe55amg-mentv-german.mpg :blink:

Edit: 120mb, should be complet this evening (CET)
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