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M5 upgrade wheels/parts wanted

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Just bought a 2002 M5 last week and I already have the upgrade bug!

Looking for:

1) Used set of 19" HRE 540 rims in perfect condition with or without tires. Tires must be Michelin Pilot Sport in good condition. Otherwise, I would just want the wheels. Does anyone know if the E46 M3 and E39 M5 share the same bolt patterns/offsets?

2) Used Dinan sport muffler for E39 M5. My boss has a 2000 M5 with the full S2 package. With the headers, the exhaust is too loud for my taste. Has anyone heard an M5 with just the dinan muffler installed? I want something that will give the V8 a bit more growl, but still refined and not too loud.

I plan to buy a new Dinan Stage II suspension at the same time. Will the 19" wheel/tire combo degrade the ride quality much? I have heard that the Dinan suspension actually improves both the handling and the ride quality over stock.
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Don't know about Dinan stuff, but the E46 M3 wheels are different offset and different bore (hub) size. Without spacers they wouldn't work and with spacers I wouldn't ride in the car!:byebye: They would be safe in my opinion. As always someone else's may be different.

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