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Sorry guys, I'll make sure that in the future my inserts on the site are with more background informations. Sorry for the confiussions:

I went through my data sheets and here is all I know about the Tuning which has been made on my M5.

1st. Chip Tuning by Digit Power (Switzerland, a well known Tuner in Switzerland and Germany)
- Increase the max. RPM from 6350 to 7000
- no speed Limitation
- each of the 8 Cylinders gets his own Characteristic diagram ignition instead of a per cycle
Characteristic diagram ignition

2nd. New Exhaust (from the first to the last piece) by TeZet/Breyton ( Switzerland
The Original Exhaust from BMW is really a shame.
- Original is something like 13.4 inches - new is 1st piece (Faecherkruemmer) 25.2 inches
- High speed Catalyst (with 29.5 tubes/pipe)
- Middle noise reduction --> smaller, but with 29.5 inches pipes
- Instead of four Mufflers this things for the noise(?) just two of them with original design from outside (police)

Before I made all this changes my BMW showed on the measure test 284 kW (at 6350 rpm) after this it went up to 344 kW (at 7000 rpm)

(check the web page of Breyton in english , there is an article of a 328i with 388kW)
They are building this 540i for the very first time for me, so the promised power is a theoretical estimation.
They have take the results of the 328i and went linear to the 4.8liter engine of the 540i (Original 4.4 after the tuning 4.8)
Sometimes in June 2001 they will deliver the car to me and present my new toy in the German
Auto Motor Sport and in the TV (DSF).
As soon as I have the Car and effective figures will be available I'll place them on the Web.

I've copied for all of you the article of the 3.2 BMW Breyton tuning...
NEW! Now in a wide version: the breyton BMW E46 ... with 528 PS (DIN) a strong performance!

Study - B500 Wide Version BMW E46 Limousine
As a traditional supplier of BMW wide version models, we have now provided the new 3-series model with a new outfit. The width of the body of the E46 limousine was expanded by about 50mm, which required new aerodynamics and body parts that will be produced in small series in the future. During tests in Dijon and on Hockenheim Circuit, the car now had to take its "first steps" and prove the function of all components. Even at a top speed of over 170 mph, the aerodynamics proved to be highly efficient.

Body Parts:
front quarter panel, rear quarter panel, front air dam, rear apron, side aprons, rear wing
water cooled inline 6-cylinder - supercharged
3,2 l,
528 PS at 6500 RPM
~ 550 Nm at 5500 1/min
PS per liter :
~ 123 kW / 167 PS
Max. Compression:
~ 1,0 bar
Acceleration 0-100 km/h:
~ 4,9 Sec.
Top speed:
~ 328 km/h
apRacing 6 pot, disc diameter 356mm
Breyton LM wheel „Magic"
9,0" x 19"
10,0" x 19"
Dunlop SP8000
245/35 ZR 19"
285/30 ZR 19"
The developers at breyton design have proven their abilities yet again: a strong piece of design history is continued with this new
breyton 3-series model. With the high quality equipment of the BMW E46, we offer our clients a brand new, individual and unbeatably sporty
driving experience. Please refer to the specifications and press releases for this model. design at its best...

simply unbeatable: breyton design
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