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So for a while I had been wanting to do a nice ode to the M5. I also just wanted to fool around with video and music editing at a very beginner level. Recently a favorite band of mine came out with a very awesome music album and listening to it while driving the M5 is very inspiring to say the least. The end result is attached. I apologize in advance because the quality just gets crappier and crappier towards the end and I'm not sure why - I attribute it to the camera used. The video had been complete for a while now but I just couldn't bring myself to posting it online because of the quality. Even with the crappy shots I hope you enjoy and any feedback is welcome. I intend to redeem myself in the future with a GoPro as my mind tends to wander and bigger, cooler ideas get into my head :grinyes: Enjoy :2:

I can't for the life of me figure outhow to embed so here is the link:

Oh yeah..put on your head set and turn it to 11!
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