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M5 mirror wiring, pre- vs. post-facelift

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Hi all,

Tried searching the forums, but no luck in the first few pages of results, so here goes - is the exterior mirror wiring different in the older vs. the facelifted cars? I'm asking because I have a 2002 car that I got with a broken passenger side mirror (held on to the base by sheetrock screws or something). I got a replacement one in Anthrazit from one of our M5 dismantlers, so before I have it painted to match my LMB car, I checked the wiring. It looks like it doesn't match up - my car seems to have 2 pairs of 2 wires with their own connectors, while the anthrazit mirror has one pair that goes to a connector, and then another bigger bundle of wires into a large locking connector. The gasket and mirror glass on the anthrazit mirror have 2/00 and 5/31/00 date stamps, respectively, so they seem to be from a pre-facelift car. At some point in its life, someone installed Euro-market parabolic mirror glass in my broken mirror, if that affects things.

Am I missing something here, or did they really reduce the amount of mirror wires with the facelift?

Funny enough, some previous person had tucked the tweeter down in the door panel, where it was happily tweeting away to nobody, so at least I was able to fix something immediately. I also discovered that someone pulled off the door panel without removing the vent screw... sigh.

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, I had about an hour to investigate before putting the car back together to get the kids from school...


Existing mirror wired up, with new mirror wiring in the foreground:
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Electrical wiring Cable

Gasket with 2/00 date stamp:
Guitar accessory Circuit component Electrical wiring Computer hardware Electronic engineering

Mirror glass with 31-May-00 date stamp:
Computer hardware Data storage device Personal protective equipment Gadget Computer component
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