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M5 magazine scans

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Some i've found while surfin'...hope its not repost...

M5- Top Gear

thanks to noosee

Autocar- M5 vs. CLS 55 AMG

M5 vs. E55

Autocar M5

Sport Auto


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Thanks for doing this. This appears to be a comprehensive list and they are of impeccable quality.

great work, thanks for collecting and sharing
Thanks for your efforts.

I have posted quite a few as well - try searching the gallery.

B empressive! :thumbsup:
Wow! Someone has been busy. Great collection of information:cheers: Thanks.cherrsagai
Waoh !!

Congrats on your work, I guess your scanner must have been kinda busy !!

My new library, thanks.

Kalbas :15:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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