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I wanted to take a few minutes praise and thank M5 Jed for his help and share my experience with the community in hopes someone else finds themselves in a similar situation.

I got in touch with Jed here on the forum when he replied to a thread I started, asking for help in the OC area. My car was lagging drastically between shifts with no codes. Turns out he lives about 1 mile from my house and had me bring the car to his house at 9:30 at night, the night before he was to hop on a flight in the early am . This set the tone for how this dude operates. He scanned for codes then ran adaptations, leaving my car un drivable. But he didn't give up. He bled the system and then ran adaptation again and we were back in business. Well sort of... While the car was now shifting beautifully, be both figured it was just a bandaid. Turns out we were right, a month or 2 later I got into the car to head out for a bit, car started as it does, I forgot something in the house, left car running while I ran in, came back out, got in and put in in reverse, car stalls and won't be started again for months. Luckily the mistress is not my daily driver.

When I got the funds together, I made my appointment with Jed to do a clutch job along with the upgraded throwout bearing, pivot pin, rear main seal, etc. Hoping that that would be enough to get up and running again.

On the day we had scheduled, I took the whole day off work and Jed was kind enough to let me hang with him under the car throughout the entire process. Not because I didn't trust him, but because I want to learn as much as I can about this car. And I learned ALOT. Jed was very patient as I proceeded to ask every stupid question in the book, and then some from the sequel. He made one of the worst situations we deal with as adults, actually fun, and a learning experience.

Anyway, upon removing the transmission, this is what we found...

2 of the clutches rivets had been sheared off, left to bounce around freely in the bell housing. So a new clutch kit and the other items mentioned earlier should do the trick.

Before we started, we were getting a cp sensor code, so we looked into that next. Once we pulled that out we found it to be a bit shorter than it should be along with a jagged slant. That too had been sheared off. But rather than just throwing the new one in and firing it up, Jed was smart enough to beg the question, what sheared this off and will with immediately shear this new one? That led to the inspection of the flywheel. and it was toast, chipped and misshaped teeth all over.

I definitely was not prepared nor in a position to purchase a new flywheel in addition to the planned items and labor. Jed knew this and began thinking of other options. He found an old flywheel in a box, one of a few prototypes where a stock flywheel had been milled down to reduce weight, and had never even been reinstalled into a car. He offered it to me, being very clear that he wasn't 100% if it would fly or not. The plan was, If it worked, great! And we agreed on a very fair price. If it didn't work, well then, The ball would be in my court.

Installed the flywheel, put the car back together, Jed did all computer sorcery, and the mistress was back. What a joyous moment! Lets go for a test drive! 30 seconds into the drive, I feel the slightest little, we'll call it a shudder, most noticeably at idol, but present always. I look at Jed, and in a very non joyous tone he says, "It didn't take..." Apparently the flywheel an ever so slight heavy spot causing it to shudder the car. The plan now, was to leave the flywheel in there at no charge while we hunted down a well conditioned used one. The car was running fine, minus the shakiness, but it was clear the mission was not over.

So car was parked, and left to think about what she'd done for what would end up being many more months. And then ol Jed pulls through, getting his hands on very well condionted flywheel, and we set a date. The surgery ends up being a success, and the mistress is back to her ways and pissing my wife off.

Since then Ive been to Jeds shop numerous times, mostly just stopping in to say hi and look at what gems he has in the parking lot. His shop is about 2 miles from my house, so I pass right by it daily. Finding a GOOD mechanic that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and doesn't treat you like an idiot, is very hard. So if or when you do find one, and is also just a really cool dude, consider yourself lucky. Over the years Ive gotten to know Jed pretty well, and consider him a friend. He's the only one Ill let touch my car. So if anyone in the socal area needs work, a new mechanic, anything, look him up on here. You won't be disappointed. He knows these cars, inside and out, and his prices are very fair.

So thank you Jed, for all your hard work. Its greatly appreciated.

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Awesome! Buy Jed some Ben & Jerry's.
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