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M5 Flat Tire / BMW Roadside Assistance

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Who here has experienced a flat tire on your beast and had to utilize BMW Roadside Assistance because of it? I had a blow out yesterday on one of my rear tires, the M Mobility kit was useless (but now I'm sure I have a wheel / tire full of useless sealant) and I had to call BMW Roadside Assistance. They were quite helpful in finding and sending me a tow truck to tow the vehicle to the local dealer but that's it. They basically said I was on my own as far as finding alternate transportation on a Saturday evening about 5 PM.

I don't know about you guys but I'm in a BMW M5 that is less than 2 years old and still under the original factory warranty I expected a little more than "we'll send the tow truck - good luck". I was about 50 miles from home on the side of a very busy interstate. Even if I had to pay for alternate transportation (which I was more than willing to do - afterall it wasn't BMW's fault I had an unfixable flat - just their fault that I had no spare tire) I would've like to have seen a bit more "assistance" in finding it. Am I asking for too much? Is this what I can expect when broke down on I-55 in the middle-of-nowhere Mississippi at 11 PM at night trying to travel between New Orleans and Chicago?

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I have AAA through my insurance with CA Automobile Association (CSAA- which is AAA in California)... I upgraded to the top coverage for roadside assistance with them- they will tow me free to anywhere I want up to 100 miles. Any more I pay for.

I've had a car flat bedded 85 miles to my house. I fixed it there.

I've often thought about the scenario you suffered. It is compounded by the likely fact that, when the $tealer opens in the AM, they will need to special order the tire anyway! another day or so, then charge you $400 for it!

I would get towed to the dealer for a mechanical breakdown... for a tire, I'd choose: (1) tire store, (2) car rental place, (3) hotel... :(


Rethinking that spare in the trunk idea?

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Sonnen BMW didn't carry rear tires for the M... special order.

But that is pretty good to know. They have Dunlops or Micheleins? :)


PS What's the story with 100 miles from home and 'replacement vehicles'???? Will BMW provide a car if you are over 100 miles and the dealer is closed?
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