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]Car and Driver dubbed the 470 horsepower S2-M5 “a rocket”. A fitting description for one of Dinan’s finest high performance offerings to date. For those fortunate enough to own or have driven a Dinan S2-M5, it’s probably difficult to believe that a more powerful, better handling, street legal sedan could exist.

After over two years of development, testing and painstaking tuning, Dinan has once again raised the bar for street legal performance with the introduction of the supercharged S3-M5. At 621 horsepower and 502 lb/ft torque, the S3-M5 is the most powerful street-car Dinan has produced in its 25 years of BMW performance tuning, elevating the M5 to true Supercar status. Suffice it to say that the “rocket” is now fully prepared for launch.

Producing this kind of power at full-throttle is one thing but doing so in a manner that meets Dinan’s strict criteria for drivability and reliability is quite another. The technology behind delivering such enormous amounts of power in a civilized, BMW-like manner is extremely complex, as you might well imagine. Fortunately for the M5 driver, uncompromising engineering and manufacturing standards are precisely what Dinan has been delivering to the BMW enthusiast for over 25 years. The S3-M5 is perhaps the most shining example to date of what makes a Dinan BMW so much more than typical “tuner cars”.

The S3-M5 features a host of performance enhancements designed to enable the driver to take full advantage of the enormously powerful engine, improving not only acceleration, handling and braking power but also addressing the additional stresses 502 lb/ft of torque place on the vehicle’s drivetrain and chassis. As an example, durability testing revealed that reinforcement of the rear subframe mounts was necessary as the factory welds simply would not survive such a tremendous increase in torque. In addition, a high-torque capacity clutch provides not only improved lock-up but also ensures that the power can be handled reliably.

The S3-M5 is clearly not for everyone. Some may even question the logic behind a street-car that produces over 600 horsepower. However, for those who demand nothing short of the most powerful, best handling, street legal sedan on the planet, no explanation is necessary. While there are certainly a handful of factory and tuner cars available that approach this level of performance, few if any offer the wonderful balance of luxury and comfort, let alone a functional back seat and trunk. And then there is the price of admission, the likes of which make the Dinan S3-M5 quite a Supercar value.

For that select group of drivers who get goose bumps just thinking about a 621 horsepower M5, the Dinan S3-M5 is the clear choice. The S3 is sure to exceed even the wildest expectations for performance, while maintaining BMW-like drivability, as well as durability.
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