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Hi guys, so I purchased a 2014 M5 competition, in early November 2019 on finance( given a 535d as p/x) from BMW sytner solihull uk.
The car good from what I saw when i went to view first and only time. When I went in November to pick the car up it all looked good etc. The 2nd day after picking it up 'top up oil light came on' I then checked the I-drive and it said last service was 20 months ago, 14k miles since the last. Phoned to say this and was told if it's not due within the next 3 months or 3k miles it's not covered. Argued to get nowhere. As this was the second day of ownership. Then started to look round the car and Noticed that the lacquer was peeling from the wheels ( never been curbed, a few age related door dents Mark's etc said we will look into it) for the first 1 month till just before Christmas. Was booked in for cosmetic work in the new year. So good on them for getting it done for me.
Went in on the 3rd jan 20, didn't hear nothing till the 10th when was they didn't advise to refurb the wheels as it may thin them out and possibly make them weak. Was told 'we can do a single colour coat so it doesn't mean grinding the wheels back as there is no damage to them anyway'
I wasnt really happy with the answer so just let it sit with them. Eventually they found some 1 to get it done by and was pleased with it all.
Got car back in the 29th Jan. Nearly a month later. Picked it up and went bk home I was due to fly out on the 1st of Feb so it just sat there for the couple of days. Came bk on the 21st of feb, since hasn't been driven just started up every 5 days or so for 1 hour stretches, by neighbour's.

Eventually, came back the first day I drove it thought, yeh let's drive the M5, took 15 miles to warm up, still not to idle temp.
Slowly was giving it the beans and up popped a drive train error, in limp mode I was.. so since 2019 i haven't had M5 available. Called bmw emergency, took 2 days to find me a courtesy bmw as bmw have strict guidelines to only provide their products. I.e. bmw or mini so enterprise struggled.
Eventually went to knights north Stafford, who 5 days later diagnosed the problem as spark plugs, try this and if not see what else after. Also told me the rear tyres have 1.4mm on the front and 1.5mm on the rear. Its 286 + vat for front and so on for rear. So wanted £ 1500 or so tyres . I was confused as I 3 weeks ago another bmw garage checked it over and they had 5mm on the front and 6mm on the rear. Argued but was told sign a waiver and they will let the car go or pay?
After a nights sleep went to the dealer and was told computer error(what **** is this) uploaded another cars data to mine. I thought some1 had ragged my car or when it went for wheel refurbishment they put **** worn tyres on.
For the spark plugs will to accept it is their responsible, I only have had the car 3 months and BMW warranty should cover it. They say it's a serviceable item and cant check if it's been done BMW sytner central Birmingham as that dealership has now closed down. ( it was done as to the I drive system on a major service in 2017 December. A major service which is done every 2nd time about 36 months.)
Eventually got the chap I purchased it off to call the other branch to say what is happening. Was told TRY and get the car back and give it to us, we will sort it out. Cutting some story to save time but if someone really wants to know ask. Let me knw
Got the car bk still in limp mode from stoke on trent and drove it to solihull, they have had it since early March. Was told on the 25th March come pick it up it's ready. ( we are in lockdown, I have self quarantined since the 18th) got a email from the director CEO of sytner on the 23rd the company is closed. Who the hell told me to pick up my car?
Let me enjoy the M4, tho I love my M5 so much more.

So sorry for the lengthy talk, I can extend if needed but tried to keep as small asap. Didn't happen for ****....
P.S. I have a M4 for the time being!?
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