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M5 cobra pics

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The beast is alive :biggrinbounce::biggrinbounce::biggrinbounce::biggrinbounce:



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Love the blue stripes on White, but i just wonder why do you call it M5 Cobra instead of AC Cobra :confused:
uuhhh...the motor choice might have a lot to do whith that!

Looks great, must be a blast to drive. I kind of prefer the exposed side exhausts, but your choice to hide them will go far to prevent "snake bite" scars to the legs!
Great, that is an impressive car!
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That is awesome. Period. Reminds me of Ferris' Bueller's day off when the valet peels out in the vintage Ferrari and gets it sideways :)
m5 cobra,

Nice looking ride. Thanks for the video.

OMG, that looks and sounds incredible!
I can't wait to get home so I don't have this work firewall blocking the video. What a great looking car.

I went for a drive in a origanal Cobra 15+ years ago near Danville Ca. I have the snake bite scar on my calf still to prove it! BUt I have to agree with Island, I love the side pipes.

What a great unique car! Nice job.
Nice Car sounds great

awesome video

Do you have filters i see in the pic the mass airs are open?
WOW...that is awesome. I want one. :cheers:

s62 Cobra:cool2:
wow, very original and impressive!
that thing is sick!

were is the video though :sad1:
Dang... that thing is going to be a screamer.
One word S!CK! :cheers:
wow wow wow wow and WOWWWWWW..

this is crazy.. i like it :applause:
Nice video, awesome sound. I like how the Cobra is "snaking" away during hard accleration.
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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