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So I've started to get a bunch of random CCM errors (ESD Regelt, Brake Light, ASC, etc.) that don't seem to correspond to anything. According to Shogun and others DIAGNOSIS - CCM, this seems to be symptom of a failing CCM. I'm going to take a look at repairing the unit I have but it looks significantly different than what most of the write-ups reference.

The unit I have is part 61351388097 (for '95 3.8 M5 / 4.0 M-Sport) with a blue cover whereas standard E34/E32's seem to use 61351388098 with a black cover. I'm wondering about the interoperability for these two PN's. Does anyone have a 3.8 or M-sport with Nurburgring package and has used 61351388098? Or has anyone switched between CCM's on another platform?

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