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M5 Bra

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Thinking of purchasing a bra for a trip down to S.Cal. Any pointers/suggestions? (I want it to use for long trips only not for every day use)

Mark (MAH), I like the one you had on when you left us last trip. Any details would be helpful.
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I've had great experience with Colgan bras as well. I have one for my M5 and one for my X5 and the fit is excellent on both. I just returned from a 4700 mile trip from S.F. Bay Area to Mt. Rushmore and pointds east in the X5 and regurilarly cruised at 90 to 100 mph with no problems - I never even had to adjust the thing! I'm very pleased.
Originally posted by steevereno:
If you're considering a bra for your M5, I have to recommend the Colgan bra. They're made about 5 miles away from where I live and have I've used Colgan on the previous 2 M3's and 3 other BMW's I've had. They are the best and the safest. In addition, I highly recommend the matching mirror covers or "booties" that fit perfectly and are designed specifically for the car and will not interfere with the fold-up action of the mirrors. They look great, protect the paint and finish from flying debris/insects/cigarette butts, etc., and few BMW owners know about or have them. Approximately $125.00 for the bra, $40.00 for the booties (US). You can get all through a local distributor or direct from Colgan. As of this writing, both are available and in stock per Colgan.

Colgan Custom
18475 Bandilier Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA
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