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Is this good or bad for the next M3?

And here is some info from the famous Scott26

2006 will begin the reintroduction of petrol turbo charged engines to BMW's product port folio.
Kicking off will be the introduction of the 335i which will feature an inline six cylinder engine with twin turbo chargers one to boost low end torque the other enhance the performance coupled with VANOS and Valvetronic. Output of the car will be of 330 BHP .
The BMW 335i will be available as sedan , coupe , touring and eventually the coupe cabrio.
The BMW 335i will essentially top the range along with the acclaimed diesel powerplant that will feature as 335d. These will top the range until the flagship M3 arrives.
X drive is not considered for the 335i.
The engine is also being considered for other products but the diesel will be introduced in the 6er coupe as well in 2006.
Turbo charging has been a long time coming although already established in BMW's diesel products,
Resorting to petrol powered turbo engines has been lengthy development process . But the engines were developed on BMW's terms. BMW's knowhow of the diesel transfered to petrol powerplants.
BMW's passion for new developments decreased weight of powerplant to eradicate a heavy front nose and not to lose the character but add a new dimension to their performance and be more - smooth , responsive and economical than the competition..
Along with the new powerplant will see the awaited introduction Of BMW's ZSG double-clutch gearbox. As well as the 335i - This is expected to be a feature of the M2 along with a manual six speeder as it recreates the iconic handling and quality as the E30 M3.
The six cylinder twin turbo charged engine will expand to a twin turbo 8 cylinder V8 , a twin turbo V12 is an idea on the table for the next 7er as is a variation of a twin turbo V16 developed from Rolls-Royce to top the next 7er. Which would eclipse the Mercedes S-Klasse.
BMW are also considering the addition of Hydrogen powered turbos in the near future.
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