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An obvious result. The M3 has been around for like 5 years now and its age has to show sooner or later. That being said, the M3 is still a great car.
:3: Copying M mode button or at least Sport-button that the M5 introduced 7 years ago.

Furthermore I really like the RS4 seats, talk about supportive and sporty
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I remember when member Johann raced and Audi RS6 in his at the time stock M3....Guess who got away :flag:
From what I understand the RS4 is faster, but the M3 is dynamically superior. the current M3 will be an instant classic:hihi:
well i cant say i m suprised .there is some age diffrence there.maybe a match with the uppcoming m3 would be more fair.probably the rs4 is still faster from A to B in real road conditions and mixed weather and personally i think it looks great too (in a more discrete color for me).anybody knowns the top speed of "unlimited" rs4 ?
cant wait though for the new m3 :hihi:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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