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I have an 02 M3 and when I am doing low speed parking manuevers and push the clutch ina ll the way the engine nearly stalls but then catches itself right before. First I thought the matt was under the clutch pedal but it isnt and it does this on a regular basis. Any Ideas?

Second issue is a grinding in 2nd gear sometimes in 3rd. It is intermitent and yes I am pushing the clutch all the way in. I have taken it to the dealer and conveniently they say there is nothing wrong with it and that they dont notice it.

Third Issue is when letting off th gas I hear a knocking sound coming from the diff area, or that general area. Any ideas?

And last thing haha If in factmy clutch need replacement what would you guys recommend? OEm replacement? Aftermarket? If so which one and how much more are they? I'm not building a race car here but wouldn't mind a performace clutch.

Thanks for your help in advance and sorry for all the questions.

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