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M Kube detailed: Jet Black M3

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Hello all, this past weekend I got the chance to detail a nicely modded jet black E46 M3 which was brought in by a local Bay Area forum member (really cool guy btw!). The JB paint was in need of a good polish as the previous "detailers" failed to correct the annoying swirl marks shown under sunlight. An engine detail was done well as a full interior cleanup. Just wanted to share with you all how a JB car should look. Enjoy!! :)

DeWalt 849 Rotary
6” Meg's Rotary Backing Plate
4” Detailaddict Backing Plate
Surbuf Microfinger Pad
6" Edge White Cutting Pad
6" Edge Blue Cutting Pad
3M Blue Masking Tape
Karcher 1800 PW
Gilmour Foam Gun
Halogen Light
Detail Sponge
3M 2000g Wetsand Paper
1500 Steel Wool
Detailaddict Microfiber

Detailaddict Car Wash
Detailaddict Engine&Wheel Degreaser
Scmitt Wash Mitt
Swissvax Autobahn
Swissvax Onyx
Blue Claybar
Detailaddict detail spray
Detailaddict Rub&Shine
Menzerna PG
Menzerna SIP
Menzerna PO85RD

Detailaddict Leather Conditioner
Detailaddict Rub&Shine

Few shots of how the car arrived:

Degreasing wheels while using spoke brush:

Gilmour Foam Gun in action:

Engine Bay Before:

Detailaddict Engine Degreaser in action:

Engine after:

Claybar used on the hood only:

Swirls after claybar:

50/50 shot on the bootlid/doors:

Grime on the oem rubber floormats(forgot about after shots!!:facepalm: ):

Fine steel wool along with Detailaddict degreaser was used for the exhaust tips:

Soaked the tips in degreaser for about 15 minutes:


Interior before:

Detailaddict leather conditioner:

Being massaged into the leather by hand:

Still can't believe this is the only after picture I have of the interior :( I'll try to get the owner to snap some later today really quick:

Tail lights before:

(After polished with PG)

Tail lights after:

Correction shots:

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Carbon fiber roof wing faded/oxidized:

Carbon fiber roof wing polished:

Foamed the again to remove the polish dusts:

Applied all vinyl/rubber/tires with Detailaddict Rub&Shine Dressing:

Wax used was Swissvax Onyx:

Applied on door jams as well:

To finalize the detail, I used Detailaddict Detail Spray along with microfiber:

That's the rest of them..Thanks for looking! :)
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