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Philip said:
Putting an 'M' badge on your non-M BMW is what loosers do to impress others (not themselves).
Boy, "I Want One" seems to have hit a nerve here!! Let's all take a deep breath - and maybe something else...cherrsagai

As owners of the real thing, you hate to see the imposters. But in a way, it is a compliment.

I think that people that do this do it because they like what the M stands for and wish they had one. They may think it just looks cool; they may think it is a joke (like putting a Porsche badge on a Volkswagen); or they may want to fool people into thinking they have more under the hood than they do. Of course, when someone opens the hood or when they accelerate - the truth comes out.

At the end of the day, I recommend we just enjoy what we have and leave the imitators in our dust! :M5launch: That is the best reward!!
1 - 1 of 63 Posts
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