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lots of car photos see nick in his bmw

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just checked and lots of photos on site:
see nick in his bmw,he won it 3 years ago,in same car.:applause:
click share at top button,go to gumball photos.
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Clearly an ad - Mods please delete and ban this member.
Here is what the site says about itself;

1. What is AdSquare?
AdSquare is a virtual town dedicated to online advertising. It is a fun, unique online layout that allows your adverts to appear on the buildings' advertising boards. Every window on the buildings display an advert and has a unique AdSquare address. When you buy a window address not only do you appear in AdSquare but you also feature in two searchable lists, one listed by AdSquare address and the other by the category of the business/website you are advertising.

To give Brighton a second chance, let's see what his next post is about? This one did say " click share at top button,go to gumball photos" and those photos were there!
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