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Looking for the dude in Hermosa Beach with an X6 M truck

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Ok not sure if this is the right forum, or even the right website.

There's this dude who lives near me (I think) in Hermosa Beach. Drives a black X6 M. Always see the guy driving the opposite direction and I wave what's up..... but never really stopped to chat. Raced him once and we were dead even.

Anyways, if you're that dude, and if you're on this board, can you private message me your email again? I just saw you on 190th st. (today is Sunday) and stopped to chat and you told me your email address, but at the same time I was talking you, I was on the phone to my Server Admin with an issue (company servers got hacked and I was busy rallying the troops) and your email address went in one ear and out the other......I also have short term memory problems.....which probably owe to the weed that I smoke.

Anyways, I think your name is Cody or something like that. Hit me up bro!

- Tony
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