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Looking for some info on this car

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I've been looking for months for my ideal car, and this may be close. I was just hoping someone could give me some additional info, such as is it a auction car. Thanks for the help.

<dl class="vDetails2"><dt>Vin: WBSNB93568CX09563</dt><dt class="location hidden">
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The carfax doesn't show it went through auction and registered against in another state. It was offered for sale at New Country Porsche in CT recently. It is not a heavily optioned car and on the high side. Should be around 49-50K on that car. Ask for the options on the car from them. You want MSRP. I looks like extended leather (standard) so that's 3.5K option alone. Does it have HUD?. Just ask them for options codes on the car.

Good luck.
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