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These are the ones that I have saved on my phone (sad but handy)

M12 wishbone/ control arm support 100 NM +90deg +-15. This the back one.

Tension strut (front one) to support 100 NM +90deg

Wishbone, tension strut to knuckle 165 NM

Tie rod end at knuckle 165 NM (122 lbf)

These last 2 are not TTY, and are limited access with the wheel on.

Not saying you can’t use 3/8” drive to get that but if you do have a $500 wrench and you know it’s beyond it’s rated range and you snap off the head, you deserve what you get. Also these high end digital ones do log the peak torque (my FACOM says it does). So when you send it in under warranty because of a failure, you may expect them to laugh at you.
Yeah I left them connected at the knuckle so didn't need to touch those 165 nm values
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