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Scott you dynoed only 370?! hmmmm something def is not right man. I'm at work now or else I'd be at the meet today talking to you about it. Go to the RKC meet tomorrow and lets talk it out.

First off do you know if you're making full boost or not? What gauges do you have? (I don't recall if you put any on your car yet)

The only thing I can think of is maybe we can run my m3 vs your m3. Yours should walk away from mine. The dyno on my car on 91 oct was 432 whp and 328wtq. BUT my car is much heavier than yours. With the 20" rims and the 300 lb stereo in the trunk it should be quite a disadvantage. If you walk away from my car at 370 whp I would like to assume that your dyno numbers are not correct. If we are even I would assume it would be correct and we need to figure out what's going on. Have you checked all the hoses to make sure you don't have any leaks?

If you have a boost gauge try seeing what the vacuum pressure is at idle. Also might want to check/hear for a slipping belt?

Just throwing out a few ideas. I'm happy to do a couple short runs with you if you want. I do not want to run the car too hard since my car is sold and will be leaving soon =(
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