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Looking for an E39 M5 in/near Colorado

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Looking for a clean 2001-2003 E39 M5 in or around Colorado with service records. Prefer low mileage. Love LeMans blue but I would like to talk if you have any primo car to sell in the area.

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5 E39 M5's Available


We currently have 5 fully sorted E39 M5's available, all 2002-2003 and all relatively low mileage. About 80% of our business is outside a 500 mile radius of our facility. Please check out our website to learn more about us and review our available M5's.


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Saw this this AM on Craigslist

Check Criaglist San Diego, there is a 2001 LeMans Blue beast that looks pretty sweet.



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Have you contacted this seller? M5
I think I messed up the link, but the add was for a lemans blue '03...

Thanks for the link, it worked fine. I was pretty excited when I talked to him last month until it turns out it had: "An accident in 2009 which then had the front end from radiator forward replaced. No frame damage."

Might be a good deal for someone but not what I'm looking for. From my experience the entire car is affected by big front end collision and little stuff just continues to break after that.
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