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I got this from the E46 M3 board.
Look at what they extracted out of the S62 engine!

Ascari Unveil Their New Road Car.

As a partner to the BMW powered Ecosse, Ascari are proud to announce their latest creation the KZ-1, with even more
performance and staggering power to weight ratio.
Unveiled at the British International Motorshow the concept version of the new KZ-1 represents a giant step in the use of
technology and materials for a road-going supercar. The chassis and body will be produced almost entirely from carbon-fibre
to achieve an all up weight of the finished vehicle of around 1100kgs.

The motive force is provided by the mighty BMW M5 power unit, up rated with Ascari camshafts and Axis engine management
system to give a massive 520BHP and 550Nm of torque. A 0-60 mph dash time of 3.7 secs. and over 200 mph is the expected performance criteria, complimented by the usual high quality standards of finish as accredited to the Ecosse. As standard specification the car will have a six speed manual transaxle, with the option of a sequential change unit.

The production road car will be available in autumn 2001, although a limited number of race versions will be produced to
participate in a single make series during the first half of the year.

A price has yet to be fixed, but it is likely to be around £130,000.
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