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Worth it.

Mine has only gone off once. I was on the GW parkway heading out of DC, got stuck behind a clump of slow moving traffic because the clown in the left lane didn't want to allow traffic to move by, then when he moves a taxi jumps in front of me and I have to wait for him to move. When the taxi finally ambles over I jump on it and just as I hit 80 all hell breaks loose. Both the Lidatek and the V1 start squeeling and man those babies are loud. I stomp on the brakes and downshift and before you know it I'm back with the clump of traffic. Then the squeelin starts again (note to self; once you slow down turn off the Lidatek) and I look into the park entrance to my right to see a cop intensely shaking his laser gun. Priceless. :biggrin:

Although its only gone off once, I figured it has paid for itself. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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