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FIRST CLASS! One of my (three) Lidatek units in the wifee's car started falsing. Well, Lidateks NEVER false. After having some fun with that for about a week :hihi: I 'fessed up and told the Little Missee that it falsed for me, too. That's the first time I've ever used the "defeat toggle".

Anyway, one phone call to Andrew at Lidatek and a brand new ($180!) transponder arrived at my door at no charge, on the third day from 2000 miles away :happybirt He told me that I must feel naked without the Lidatek, and you know what - he was right.

All fixed. By the way, this unit was purchased either in the Audiworld group buy, or the M5board group buy (thanks again Atomic80). Either way, it's way beyond the 90-day warrantee I thought it had by doing the installation myself. If you have a professional shop install it, then it's a one-year warranty.

Chalk up another reason to buy a Lidatek for every vehicle in your garage! DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! :M5thumbs:

:cheers: -Bill

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