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lexus and BMW ?

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why new lexus is 200 design is very similar to m5 e60 :confused: :mad:
is this Chriss Bangle job ?
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Official Launch of the M5 E60 in Paris said:

Finally some proffesional admirers. With cameras, tables, and frenetic note taking. Benchmarking style from competing manufacturers. If you can't beat them, copy them!
:hihihi: :blabla: :blabla: :D :haha:
Lexus is a competitor to Buick, never a competitor to BMW.

Here's my short story....Lease expires on wife's X5. We've owned multiple BMW's mostly 3's and 5's. Decided to try an LS430. I think that it was the shade of silver that sold me....What was I thinking???? Or, maybe it was the neighbor with the store-bought rack that has one. The wife hated the Lexus so much that she opted for my Suburban instead. Actually, the Suburban pushes less and could easily out-handle the Lexus. In the mean-time my Porsche lease ends and I'm waiting on my M5. So the the Lexus is mine. :crying: It rides great, has superb appointments, and the Mark Levinson sound is outrageous but, this has got to be the biggest PoS that I have ever driven. I feel like my dad in what his Park Avenue wants to be. Lexus slogan should be "the relentless persuit of depression." Anyway, we're back to another X5 while I wait for the beast to arrive.
Lexus competes with BMW, Mercedes in terms of luxury not handling. If you were to buy a car with good handling, it wouldn't be the LS430 :3:

How can you call Lexus a competitor to Buick?? More like the other way around. Still, any GM car can't touch the reliability of a Lexus/Toyota and also build quality. Cadillac comes close but not enough.
The POS is more like the X5 since it has terrible reliability history, can't go offroad like a Land Rover can, I don't see the point of the car.
The Lexus "luxury" got my attention. But, a little time in the driver's seat put me to sleep. A great rider's car. Not a driver's car. Toyota just can't figure it out. Like I said, a Suburban drives better.
Luxury I mean by, LS430 <--> E65 BMW 7 series <--> S class

But I'll take the S class over the three :hihi:
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