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That's the letter of apology I got from the BMW M GmbH yesterday. Looks like it is made of a series of text blocks! I tried to translate it as literal as I am able to. For what it's worth. :3:

Dear customer,

you did order the BMW M6. As you know, cars of the BMW M GmbH feature sporty high-performance, luxury aesthetics and innovativ functionality. It is in particular the combination between purebred spot car and elegant GT coupe that makes these cars so fascinating and unique, both on the the track and for daily use.

As a manufacturer we make especially great demands on quality of these cars concerning construction and production.

Conceptually the cars fulfil these criteria, of course. Unfortunately, our quality test showed up that the delivered oil pumps for the V10 engine fail to meet the agreed specification. Since a damage to the engine is not out of the question we have stopped delivery of the M5/M6 for the time being.

Of course every endeavour is being made to proceed with delivery as soon as possible; a sufficient number of perfect working oil pumps is a precondition. Delivery of first cars has already started and will extent into the end of August probably.

Dear customer, with this letter we want to apologize for the delay of your car and assure you that we work with total commitment to keep that period of time as short as possible.

Even if your excitement at the prospect of your car is being negatively affected we still hope that the 'sheer driving pleasure' of your new M6 will more than compensate for the time of waiting.


Prof. Ulrich Bruhnke
Chairman of the board

Ralph Krommes
Director of German distribution
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