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I need an intake manifold to ensure I don’t crack the frail factory plastic unit. The intake manifold will be the first item I will tackle.

I have 2 very trusted fabricators excluding myself and a very well known tuner who is chomping at the bit for the build.I’m not a name dropper but will give props as it comes together.

Heat will be a small hurdle to overcome. High temp coatings will work to keep under hood temps down and a large secondary oil cooler will handle the internal temp. Meth injection will keep the charge cooler.

Intercooling will be handled by air to air for phase 1. If IAT is too much for phase 2, air to water will be needed.

Im looking to be ready to tune for summer. Why not a F10? Because I can’t buy a $15k clean title F10. Additionally, I’m not looking to bolt on and tune a car that is already over the 900hp mark. I’m looking to break the mold. It’s more of a personal challenge at this point....
I do not recommend using the OEM headers, the thin wall tubing will crack under turbo heat.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts