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LeMans Blue

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Could anyone point me to a picture, preferably hires, of a car in LeMans Blue? Wanted to see just exactly what this looks like.

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I just got my LeMans M5 last weekend, so I just pulled it out of the garage and snapped a few pictures for you with a Kodak DC260. They are megapixel quality... but large. Enjoy...

<a href="">Rear angle</a>

<a href="">Front angle</a>

<a href="">Rear</a>

<a href="">Interior1</a>

<a href="">Interior2</a>

- TheTooth
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Nice pictures. Nicer car! The wood trim looks like the Club Bruyere. Am I right? I went with the Burl Walnut, but then I have the Caramel All-Leather interior and I thought the combination with the Club Bruyere would be too orange. What kind of protective mats are you using? I'd like to get something like those for the messy weather. Thanks.

Nice. Thanks for the pics! If you happen to get any shots in bright sunlight, I wouldn't mind seeing those as well!

I'm looking at an M3 and rumor is, they might come in LeMans. Decisions, Decisions! LeMans / LeMans looks very nice though.

I've got my choices down to Jet Black, Ti Silver, Alpine White, and LeMans.

P.S. Are you a dentist?
Nic Pics,

My 2001 is on order and I have not decided on the color, but I think you are pushing me to yours. I have a 2000 in carbon black, but am leaning more to changing to your color. Got any shots in the sunlight? Great car no matter what the color!



Sorry for the afternoon shots... it was already getting dark when the request for pictures came, so I just walked outside and snapped some shots and uploaded them.

Here come the answers...

1. It is, in fact, Club Bruyere trim. From what I was told, you cannot order walnut with the sportive interior, even if you wanted to.

2. The protective mats were given to me with the car from the dealer. The M5 mats that people have talked about came with the car as well, under those protective mats from the dealer. I forgot to pull them out before taking the pictures.

3. I'm not a dentist... my last name is Silvertooth. My dentist tried to talk me into the profession when I was in high school, though, citing that I had the perfect name and the prerequisite bad handwriting that all doctors require.

4. Unfortunately, I won't have a chance to take any shots of the car in the sun until next weekend. I'll do so and post them then, though. If I somehow get a chance today before my flight, I'll do so and post.

- TheTooth
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there are pictures of my car at this link...

Off car topic...

Hey, I've been there...

At Cutter Motors in Santa Barbara, when I was on language school waaaayyyy back, testdriving an M3. The salespeople where nice!

Stayed in Goleta, which really sucked...


Great pics of the very blue M5. I like it!


Re: Boonielander photos

Wow. Nice to see that color in the sun. And the clear coat looks amazing. Someone spent some time on that car before the photos. If E46 M3 comes in this color, I think I'll have to go this way. Those are some of the nicest pics I've seen. The one other color I wish was available is the "chrome shadow" silver paint on the M3 show car.
Indeed, the clear coat really shows the color of the car and if you look at the 5th picture down, you'll notice a purple-ish shimmer in the paint. not knowing what the color really looked like when originally ordering the car was kind of disconcerting, but now that i've actually got the car in the garage i can say that i'm quite satisfied with the color =)


p.s. gustav, i just finished school here at the university--it's a small world, eh?
Great pics Eddie!

I have added some pics of mine that I took in the sunlight today.

The URL is

Forgive the barren site, I just threw this up real quick to get the pictures out.

- TheTooth
Great pics everyone!

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