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Hi All,

I installed some LED angle eye bulbs from thought I'd do a quick post on them.

Here's the product: Autolizer 2x H8 40W 360-Degree CREE LED Halo Bulbs 6000K Super Bright Xenon White BMW Headlights Super Bright White Angel Eyes Lamps for BMW E60 E61 E90 E92 E70 E71 E82 E89 1 3 5 Series X5 X6 Z4 (Black Color Edition): Automotive

I picked these because they were Prime eligible, and would come the next day. I'm not good at planning ahead. I also looked at the Lux and Trinity bulbs, but wasn't up for $200 bulbs. Figured these were worth a try at $60.

Here's what came:

Nice box. Apparently these will also turn my car into some sort of badly cropped half-gullwing Batmobile (BMW = Batmobile Motor Co?).

Inner Box:

The Product:

Install started off okay. I decided to take the lights all the way out of the car, since it was a good chance to clean them, and I'd read that it could be tricky to stuff everything back in. Apparently, with my good tools at my shop, the only way I could get the lower T20 bolts loose here was a ratcheting screwdriver with three extensions on it. I lost them down inside the car twice.

Then I opened the lights and found this... commence swearing...

I posted that on here, and got some great tips. Ended up driving to my shop for some electrical surgery... I was really hoping to see that place on a Saturday. Cut the connectors, ran heat shrink down the wires, resoldered and finished insulating.

The bulbs fit snugly, pretty much as I expected:

All tucked in before the back caps went back on:

Before / After:

Overall, I'm happy. The before and after pics are hard to judge. The're not as noticeable in the daylight as the yellow ones, but I've been watching other (newer) cars, and don't think any of the whiter ones are in the sun. They all seem to wash out a little.

I did some before and after monitoring before I put everything back in the car, and the heat was far less than the stock halogens put out. For $60 bucks, they're great, and eliminate the dated yellow look... that was my real goal. Plus, the project helped me uncover what could have become a pretty expensive problem.



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