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Launch contr

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It's seems my launch control stopped working. I have done it before not many times but I can not get it to work. It just goes forward. Any ideas why it would stop. Also if I disconnect the battery will anything happen to require it to go to dealer. My idea is disconnect the battery to reset computer maybe resetting launch control
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have you searched on this topic? i posted a long thread w/ updates on this.

1) make sure you follow all LC procedures as depicted in this thread:

2) also, make sure you car is in operating temps (drive around for 20 min or so), and make sure you are on a flat surface

3) make sure your car has no fault codes (may want a indy shop or dealer check and fix/clear accordingly by using a diagnostic computer). Depending on the fault code, the car will not allow LC b/c its "protecting the car" or something to that effect.

details in this thread:

hope this helps
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