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Laser Cut Keys

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I am wondering how many of you have the new laser-cut keys on your M5s. Those are the keys that don't look like normal keys, but look like an impression carved out of a solid slab of metal. If you look at the M5 owner's manual, all the illustrations of the keys are of laser cut keys. I am asking this because our M5 doesn't have this type, and is just a normal BMW key that looks like our 1997 740iL's key. However, our now defunct 323 had a laser-cut key, and that was a 1999 model. My M5 was produced in March 2000. Please give me your input. Thanks.
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I got em. I've never seen em before this.

Is the only advantage that the keys are harder to copy because theifs don't have a laser handy?

2000 M5 Titanium Silver/Caramel
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