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Lamborghini Stockholm & Bentley Stockholm

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I don't really know where to post this, or to post it at all but I know there are at least a few swedish carfreaks around.

In the beginning of May we will make a trip to Stockholm from our college (Finland). Now it is our job to find companies in which we should visit. Of course being a carnut, the first thing that came to my mind is Lamborghini Stockholm. Mainly because of there aren't any lambo dealers here in Finland. I would like to see how things are different in swedish car dealers than ours in Finland.

So to the problem. Now I would need to contact Lamborghini Stockholm and it seems that the webpages aren't working. I also found out that Bentley Stockholm has the same address, so is the Lambo dealer still in business?

If you have any other suggestions of car related companies, those are more than welcome. Thank you.

PS. I'm a bit ashamed to make this kind of a first post but I've been lurking around for a long time. Great forum btw!
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Why not go visit the Koenigsegg factory? Their number is +46-431454460 :cool:
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