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So after 4 weeks my KW Sleeve Over Kit arrived and it's installed on my 2013 M6 F12. I at a bit puzzled (and a bit disappointed) the rear of the car didn't drop more than it did.

With the collar all the way down on all 4 corners fender-to-ground measures 27 1/4" (front) and 27 1/2" (rear). The original measurements were 28 3/4" (front) and 27 3/4" (rear).

That equates to a maximum drop of 1 1/2" (front) and 1/4" (rear).

KW advertises a 1.2" drop all around. I am not sure why I am so short changed on the rear. I had my BMW dealership install the sleeve over kit and I even pulled off my rear tires today to check it out -- everything looks to be installed correctly.

I am going to send KW an email but I was wondering if anyone else has this kit installed and what measurements they achieved with the kit.
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