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Just wanted to share my appreciation for, scratch that...GREAT customer service.

I purchased a TEC cupholder for my M5 a couple of years ago. The first one I received had the vibration problem that was due to a manufacturing problem with the bar/rod touching the wings on the formed sheetmetal part. Apparently this was only a problem on the E39 M5, but not on other E39's.

Tom at TEC sent me a new unit, complete with a return address label. The problem was GONE! The whole process took less than a week.

A couple of months ago, I started having problems with the cupholder not latching in the closed position, making it hard to close the cover. I sent a message to Tom, who indicated that this was a problem with some units, but had been corrected with a new design on the latching mechanism.

Again, he sent me a new unit. However, I guess there was some confusion at their end (along with some inconceivable magic) and I got another cupholder with the same design.

Tom apologized profusely, couldn't understand how it was possible that I got a unit of the same design, but that didn't really matter to him. What did matter to him was that his customer didn't have a cupholder (well, one that closed and didn't rattle anyway) :p

He immediately sent out a NEW unit in a box large enough to fit both defective units, and a return address label. As soon as I opened the new unit, I could tell that it had been redesigned. And a very clever design it is, as well.

In addition, I guess there was lots of extra space in the large box he sent the second unit in, because there was another box inside that housed a nice stainless steel travel mug :1:

Thanks, Tom, and TEC. Awesome service. Awesome cupholder. :cheers:

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nice to know. I had the 'not closing' issue with the unit in my 528... i should have complained!
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