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gulfnews : Koenigsegg Agera driven hard in Dubai

It's a more muscular experience than the detail-intense and slightly fussy Zonda, from the design through to the drive.
Visually it's a big, bluff boxer of a car, with a smooth, curvaceous front end, powerful haunches and, when it's in place, a low-slung double bubble roof that gives the car a real stealth fighter look. Until the dihedral synchro helix door opens, swivels and pivots into position and jaws that had just scraped themselves off the floor hit the deck once again.
Christian von Koenigsegg is a designer at heart and loves these kinds of touches, has several patents on the engineering side, including a response charge system in the turbo system to improve the throttle response, and deserves more credit than he perhaps receives for innovation.
Possibly the biggest criticism is the visual similarity with the CC it replaces, but ithas a wider track, totally revised aero,a new interior and the infinitely cool ‘ghost light'. This uses carbon nanotubes to hide interior lighting until the car is turned on, when the lights appear to shine through solid aluminium.
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