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I ordered some Megan Racing Coilovers from ECS that were supposed to come with camber plates. I contacted Megan and they said they no longer provide camber plates for the E60 M5. Back on the phone with ECS they were willing to provide KMAC camber plates at no cost without hesitation.

I have now received my third set of camber plates that are bent. Contacting KMAC directly this was there response to the second set of damaged camber plates,
Liquid Green Fluid Finger Gas

Hi Alan
As per “explanation email 24th Sept.” (after stamping the 1/8 (3”) main body, your pic showed distortion).
Your input was much appreciated and actual pic was used to demonstrate to all production staff how important it is for products to not only function - BUT HOW VISUAL APPEARANCE IS ALSO SO IMPORTANT.
Message has got through and now each plate is checked and tapped straight for appearance if needed.
This actual P/N 193616-1 Along with same components used for 192416-1 for the 1991 E36 to 2013 E90 is our basic Stage One STREET version.
Production did point out that never in the 28 years of producing this design kit (since 1993) and with over 2000 sold had this been brought up.
The bottom clamp plate as you can see is a double folded plate.
1. In 1993 we came up with this design - the double folding operation (30 ton press) work hardened plate so then has the strength of spring steel.
2. Re bolts - engineering principle is that a 8mm diameter bolt at “minimal” 22ft/lbs will withstand 400lbs of side load (3 bolts 1200lbs) Strut tower will crumple before strut mount will move.
4. KMAC bolts used are rated at 10.9 grade (which will withstand engine cylinder head tightness).
SUMMARY: Our unique patented design provides the quickest, simplest adjustment system.
With this Stage One kit 28 years now of manufacture - Well and truly fully proven re long term maintenance free reliability.
We do very much appreciate you bringing to our attention re side view visual appearance and need to correct.
So do hope now you can get on with confidence the installation and that above has now alleviated any skepticism you might have had.

I might be missing something but it sounded to me like the guy was blowing himself? They also tried to sell me their race version which looks the same but includes bump stops. I'm not sure if I'm going to put the third set in a vice and try to straighten it or just send them back for credit? Dinan Plates will get me the camber I want and reuse the superior BMW mounts. The other option is Ground Control which looks like a great product for the money.

This is my second time using KMAC products, I also used them in my E38 740il. The camber plates were fine except that there was no bearing. They are not easy to adjust loaded and the springs were popping because there was no bearing. They have changed the design so that there is a bearing now. In the rear I installed their adjustable control arm bushings. They did not line up with the mounts. Trying to adjust them loaded yielded sheared bolts. They would rotate in the mounts and chew up the mounting flanges. They offered to sell me at full cost a upgraded replacement set with bigger mounting bolts. I removed them and installed factory bushings.

The title says it all. I am not adverse to working with a vendor to resolve an issue but when all they offer is lip service or to sell me more of their products I can't remain silent. The Good news is that I can wholeheartedly endorse ECS. I have been using them since I got the BMW bug and if you get them on the phone they will always take care of you. I ordered a set of bronze brake caliper bushings and only two of the four bushings fit. They just sent me a second set no questions asked. That is a vendor that gets my business.

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I think my point was that in getting three sets of bent plates you could have sent me a set of better plates to compensate me for your junk products. Instead you gave me lip service which is what you are doing here as well.

Selling me more junk is hardly what I was looking for.
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