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I have tried search and while there are threads on the topic, none really answer my question. Excuse me if I re-plowing fields.....

I am trying to install an aftermarket/keyless entry system into my Oct 1992 build M5 Touring. Not sure if it matters, but the car has EDC.

The system I bought was pre-wired for e34 and can be found here.

I plugged in the wiring harness to a receptacle under the rear seat, driver's side (left). But it does not work; while there is power to some of the wire, not all that should have power (like the main power) and I'm wondering if I have the correct receptacle or if a fuse or relay are not working.

Any help appreciated--is it plugged into the right receptacle? If not, where would it be on an EDC-equipped euro model like mine? If it is the right receptacle, which fuses and relays would control the power? Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Here ares some pics, it is next to the green fuses.
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