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I know it was stupid on my part but one of my dreams has always been to go 170mph. Well I blew that away this weekend. First of all, yes I did have the speed governer removed. Current mods include Dinan software, supsension, springs, front strut brace, and loner 285 rears and 275 fronts (dinan rims). It was around 3:30 in the morning on my way home from San Jose, I took 85 South. My friend drove a Mustang Cobra and he went ahead and made sure no one was in front of me. Once he told me it was all clear, I gunned it. He was doing 155 when I passed him at 160, I decided to keep going. My passenger was amazed how quickly the car got up to 160, then 170 then 180. Had to slow down as a car was nearing. The rmps were only around 5700-6000 if I recall correctly. I am most certain the car would have done 190 with more open road. Bottom line is that this car is Unbelievably fast and stable. The car at 180 was solid, no vibrations, very smooth. This could be because of the suspension and strut brace. The scary thing about all this is I am still awaiting my rear-strut brace, intake, exhaust, differentials and new rims and tires. God only knows what this beast could do.

I hope you enjoyed this story and I still cannot believe I did 180mph. I have seen many post from people who call people going over 130 IDIOTS. I agree it is not smart, but please don't post messages with that tone. I fully understand the consequences, I just wanted to fullfill one of my dreams.

Silverstone M5

License Plate: DINAN M5
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