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Just Bought the AA CAI!!!!

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I just finished flight school so I thought I should buy myself a gift, just dont tell my wife, she thought the Kelleners, EVO 3, DSSR and UUC clutch was gift enough:byebye: , so I finally got off my duff and ordered the AA CAI, I Asked for 2nd day air delivery so it should be here thursday or friday. I plan on having some frosty ones and some friends come ever and help, so it should be a good time, thanks all for the prior advice, I guess it just took me a while to act on it, Josh

P.S. if anybody else is on the fence or thinking about it, Beastpower is offering 100.00 dollars off their already low price and free shipping in the USA & Canada

Sorry, I am retarded, I meant to post in the E39 forum, didnt realize I was still in the E 60 Forum, Moderator feel free to move or delete.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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