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Jet Black Owners: Need your comments

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Tom...when i ordered my car, i didnt hesitate to order jet black...but after reading some passionate posts on here about all the great colors offered for the M5, i was thinking i should have taken more time picking a color..until, this past weekend... i spent saturday and sunday washing, polishing and waxing my car...Tom, nothing looks like a Jet Black M5 with a perfect took my breath away when i was is timeless in my opinion..i know there are alot of black 5 series out there..and some folks want their M5 to stand out from the bunch...but all we really have to do is hit the gas to do that...any choice you make will be the right one..all the best
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Speaking of catching 540's off-guard, I was on Denman Street last week behind a Titanium 6-speed full of teenagers and they were DOGGING it. Just a bunch of brats cruising the strip in Dad's 5er. Annoyingly slow I might add.

Slid around them, and they sped up to try to prevent me from passing (why does this always happen to me?). Pissed off, I just jerked my wheel to the left and semi-cut them off...if it was indeed "Dad's car," he would definitely back off - and he did.

They also got a face-full of M5 badge, raced up beside me and gave me a unanimous thumbs-up. I shook my head and the kid hollered "sorry!"

What was that song Aretha Franklin sang? Started with an "R"...

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