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Jet Black Owners: Need your comments

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Tom...when i ordered my car, i didnt hesitate to order jet black...but after reading some passionate posts on here about all the great colors offered for the M5, i was thinking i should have taken more time picking a color..until, this past weekend... i spent saturday and sunday washing, polishing and waxing my car...Tom, nothing looks like a Jet Black M5 with a perfect took my breath away when i was is timeless in my opinion..i know there are alot of black 5 series out there..and some folks want their M5 to stand out from the bunch...but all we really have to do is hit the gas to do that...any choice you make will be the right one..all the best
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I have a Jet Black/Carmel scheduled for a September build. Currently own a black 528 Sport. I love the color but the M5 is a long term car. How do you like the color? My second choice is Metallic Silver/black.

Thanks to all for your comments. Think I am sticking with Jet Black/Carmel. More work to keep it looking good but worth it.

Tom M5
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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