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Jean-Christophe's Overcleaned Wheels

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This was the damage done to Jean-Christophe's M5 Wheels. Jean-Christophe lives in France. He left the car with a garage to clean, and returned to find BLACK Wheels. Insurance paid for a new set of wheels, which he dressed up with Bridgestones.

Closeup Picture1

Closeup Picture2

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Closeup Picture4
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To me they still look great. It's hard to see what's wrong with them without looking at another picture of how they are supposed to look I guess.

Anyways, these are still a set of fine wheels. He has some options

1) Leave as is. Keep for winter use or sell.

2) Re-paint. Special attention will be needed for surface prep. Either a light sanding or a good primer/sealer that will bond o the existing paint. Choose from any of the more common BMW silver wheel paints.

3) Polish. Find out who is the best wheel repair shop in town, and ask how much they charge to polish wheels. I think these would look _amazing_ polished. You'd still need a coat of clear to keep them from oxidizing.

It does concern me that the "silver" layer was taken off. These wheels should have had a coat or two of clear over the silver / black. So to take off the silver, you'd have to go through at least one coat of clear as well. Very disconcerting.
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Finished? Definately not. These would make a beautiful set of wheels, repainted or polished. Personally I'd go the polished route if I had the $$.
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