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It's arrived at the dealers

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Had a call at 5.30pm today and it's arrived. Picking it up Friday morning :1: :1: :1:
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Congrats...a few sleepless nights to come then!!
Congratulations. I know the feeling... I picked mine up last Friday and I don't know how I got through that last week, but it was certainly worth the wait. What an amazing car...!!
Collecting at 10am tomorrow :15:
Isn't time a weird thing. I bet its slowing down for you right now! Don't worry, I am sure by this time tomorrow you will have tested Einstein's theory of relativity! :M5launch: :1:
Spie said:
Collecting at 10am tomorrow :15:
I was in exactly the same position last Thursday. Longest night of my life!! Enjoy... :wroom:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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