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It Came Today!

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My Baby came home today.

My garage is now full of one '00 M5 - Anthracite, black interior.

Only managed to put 25 miles on, but WOOF. What a sweet car. First impressions:

1) Quieter than I expected. May have to install the Hennessey exhaust after all.

2) Better ride than I expected. I expected at least some compromise from my '97 540i - given the tires and suspension - but NO. The ride is amazing.

3) It's really, really hard to stay out of the throttle! Plenty of torque below the break-in limit, but you get through 1st gear in a hurry! I can keep it under 5.5K RPM, just hard not to bury it once in a while. The break instructions restrict BOTH RPM and "no full throttle". Need to go for a long, long, long drive real soon......

4) Sport mode off, DSC off. Woof. Again.

5) Dealer gave me 2 qts of oil at delivery.

6) I didn't have any trouble executing smooth 1-2 shifts.

7) The nav system works. I won't use it much.

8) Woof!

9) The color combo is beautiful, and very stealth, which was by design. I had actually ordered (or so I thought) the walnut trim. The car came with the brushed metal - however against the subtle black interior, it looks great, and certainly sets it apart from other 5-series. Think I'll keep it!

10) There is no number 10. I just thought it made for a well-rounded list to have one.

Cheers - it's good to be a full member of the "family" after such a long wait. Heavy grins going on here.....

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Fantastic. Nice thought Dave- bookends the other announcement quite nicely.

Woof :)

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