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It Came Today!

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My Baby came home today.

My garage is now full of one '00 M5 - Anthracite, black interior.

Only managed to put 25 miles on, but WOOF. What a sweet car. First impressions:

1) Quieter than I expected. May have to install the Hennessey exhaust after all.

2) Better ride than I expected. I expected at least some compromise from my '97 540i - given the tires and suspension - but NO. The ride is amazing.

3) It's really, really hard to stay out of the throttle! Plenty of torque below the break-in limit, but you get through 1st gear in a hurry! I can keep it under 5.5K RPM, just hard not to bury it once in a while. The break instructions restrict BOTH RPM and "no full throttle". Need to go for a long, long, long drive real soon......

4) Sport mode off, DSC off. Woof. Again.

5) Dealer gave me 2 qts of oil at delivery.

6) I didn't have any trouble executing smooth 1-2 shifts.

7) The nav system works. I won't use it much.

8) Woof!

9) The color combo is beautiful, and very stealth, which was by design. I had actually ordered (or so I thought) the walnut trim. The car came with the brushed metal - however against the subtle black interior, it looks great, and certainly sets it apart from other 5-series. Think I'll keep it!

10) There is no number 10. I just thought it made for a well-rounded list to have one.

Cheers - it's good to be a full member of the "family" after such a long wait. Heavy grins going on here.....

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congratulations, greg. posts like yours get me keyed up. my dealer told me my car made port here in the u.s. yesterday, and he expects it delivered to me before the end of march. and i think i found a buyer for my nice '92 M5 very easily, so the sun will shine this spring!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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